summer end

from the homeschool camp,
end of summer is a pretty great time.  
september just means we get to have adventures at all the hot spots with half the crowds/ lines.

we are in the middle of a full week of swimming lessons for all the kids.  
it's pretty fantastic.  
i get to sit for 1/2 hour,
without a bouncy toddler on my lap.
although... i promised the kids that today we would go early and i would swim with them.
not super thrilled as i have put on a few and my swimming suit fits me like sausage casing.
you know, like when some parts of the suit are stretched to see-through.
mom swim shorts here i come.  
there is this instructor that looks like ben lovett.

next week i am working on a 
back to school 
celebratory week.  
some of the items on our to do list involve:
othello tunnels (maybe).
white rock beach (in case of sun shine).
binder decorating & play dough making.
shoe shopping (for the kids-not me).
cookie baking.  
chore chart/ allowance instituting.
davey family 2012  rule creating. 
(not that i'm big into rules... but for reals, we need to get something on paper about 
giving food to all the neighborhood animals.  the amount of cats that hang out in our yard is absolutely ridiculous.  and before you jump to conclusions, ours is fixed.  finally).   

speaking of fixed.  
gary successfully installed a new hard drive in the i mac.  
he's a hero.
i'm still working on the camera situation.  
in the meantime, please enjoy a little photo booth.
whatever game this is,
i love it. 

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  1. Yay! I love your posts. They make me smile and wish I lived next door. Miss you, sweet friend!