what they say...

makes me happy to be alive.

this morning

"mom, i had the best dream.  i dreamed i met all the trains (as in thomas the tank engine) 
and they all knew i was an animal girl."

"spider man doesn't give up with his friends"
(after a slight altercation about where the tent should be erected).

char: "jane, you are such a crazy girl!" 
jane: makes scrunchy-don't-mess-with-me-dejected face
me: "oh, i love my crazy girl! every family needs a crazy girl.  
they make us laugh.
they give the best hugs..."
jane: "and i punch you in the face!" 
(not dejected any more).

"i think god is punching me in my belly."

"bodhi! you just need go bo poop!"


  1. Oh my goodness. Belly laughing over here. Your kiddos are so much fun. They take after their mom and all of her awesomeness. ☺