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by taija...
these kids are going to miss her when she's gone.
me too.


the zoo

you know, that place you spend 80 bucks to go play at the park.


out of control

the truth is,
there are times i do not feel equipped!


these two...

they remind me of their daddy
and his sister.
there is so much love.
- a little fire
but mostly love.
that's all i got for now.
and this.


"k" is for

this great kid
who i love to kiss
and i love to know,
had her first day of 
 kindegarten LC (learning center)
through ROCA (Regent Online Christian Academy).  

(sorry, this photo is not really applicable
but i still think it's kinda kute)
as i was picking her up, her principal met me in the hall and in front of her said,
 he thought charlee was so brave cause he as he was introducing all the new kids, 
he asked them to stand up.  
she was the first one he called on and she did it! 
that's right, she 
i'd call that a homeshool kid success!


dino babies

last week i sold our pottery barn polka dot pram on craigslist.
with the money we got from it we bought a couple sets of dinosaur playmobile.  
best decision.  ever.  
we are talking hours and hours of brotha - sista good times.  every day.
jane-z gets in on the "saurs" too.  i just have to stay on top of her real good.
she has a tendency to behave like a meat eater, herself.
what can i say.  they are little dino babies.
we only have the t-rex set and a few little velociraptors.  
wait till they finds out there are triceratops and brachiosaurus sets.
the question becomes:
what else can i sell on craigslist?
daddy must have some tools he doesn't use.
wink wink.


sunday night brights

i kinda feel like 
one of my most important jobs is 
to help my kids understand just how great their dad is. 
case in point:
yeah... that's right jane-z!
you color it!


let me count the ways...

saw this on pinterest today.
 - couldn't resist.