oh. hey there.

let's see if i remember how to type.

wow.  summer has been busy.  and i'm out a camera so i can't fill you in with pictures.  please accept, instead, a brief verbal summary.

my kids are busy.
we have entered a new era of energy and activity.  naps are a thing of the past as are clean floors and tidy closets.  my children wake up with plans.  crazy messy crafting plans and spiderman plans.    i feel like most of my time involves following them around ensuring their "plans" don't involve bringing strange animals into the house or climbing up on the roof.

two days ago i kiboshed char's plan to bring cat food in her room.  i told her that we should never bring any kind of food in our rooms so we don't attract ants or snakes or crabs.  she was totally bummed and her plan was totally wrecked. on her way back to the kitchen with the cat bowl, she muttered under her breath, "god is the boss of me."  i tried my best to hide my laughter then she got a lesson in middle management.  real good.

i am busy.
today has been my first true day off in two weeks, since arriving home from our trip to the cabin. minus the day right after we got home which was spent bleaching our mattress and triple washing all of our bedding, due to the fact that we came home at midnight to the cat's hate crimes under our covers.  not cool skippy.

in addition to having zane a total of 9-10 hours a week, i have a new respite contract with a sweet little baby girl.  baby girl has many of the same medical needs as our matt did.  we are back in the tube feeding saddle again.  baby girl lives in an incredible foster home with a super sweet 4 year old, and because super sweet 4 year old's fit right in around here, sometimes we take both.  it is an incredible fit and i am so happy to be able to contribute financially in a way that allows me to stay home. 

gary is busy.
my man has recently earned a promotion (and a bottle of champaign).  he has gone from lead development to marketing team manager at our local crane company.  i like to ask if that makes me the "assistant manager?" gary corrects me, "assistant to the manager."

equally significant, gary has taken on the roll of guardian of the hazelnuts which involves posing on the deck like jason bourne every single dinner time and shooting the squirrels with an airsoft pistol.  i'm not sure how i feel about it.  i'm one part humored and one part horrified.  i appreciate his commitment to the hazelnuts but guns at dinner time just seems so...not canadian.

in the next couple of weeks we should be getting the computer fixed.  say a prayer, gary is going to try and replace the hard drive on his own.  i'm 100% confident in his ability as long as he promises to wear those little soft white gloves like they do in the youtube videos.  also, i am hoping to pick up a new iphone.  then i will be officially back on line!

ok... well, that's that for now.



  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I have missed seeing you around here and there. Words are totally okay. Yours are always peppered with laughter and smiles. I will take them over pictures any day! Isn't it funny how we have well-laid plans for what our summers should look like and it never turns out that way? {sigh} We need to swap emails so we can chat more {I mean, please can we? ☺}. I don't have international skills on my iPhone, so I don't think I can text you. Sadness. Looking forward to seeing more fun things from you and your family. ☺ P.S. Congrats, Gary!

  2. oh mama, your brilliance needs no photos.

    i think i actually snorted out loud at the "middle management" bit. ; )

  3. i just love you. have never met you face to face, but I just *love* you.