is blogging out?

it's so weird...
one day you just 
the internal 
your $800 Nikon dies.
and then a year flies by.
to be honest,
i'm not sure how to just pick up after a year.
 point form?
also, i'm not sure if i know how to communicate without emoticons.
* kids are amazing.  charlee is almost 8, bodhi is 6 and jane is almost 5.
i don't have babies anymore.
they are big kids.
all three of them are bright, 
fiercely independent and 
insanely creative
(emphasis on insanely).
i mean. just look at them. 

fact: i could write a book with the things that come out bo's mouth.
for example, 
back in january gary and i began contemplating trying to have another baby.
we thought very seriously on the matter and 
felt it was important to include the kids in the conversation.
of course they wanted the same thing we did,
another chance
the only one i was concerned about was bodhi.  
he took the loss of his "brothers"
so hard.
i remember lying in bed with him and saying,
"you know, bud, if momma get's pregnant again 
there is a good chance
it could be a girl."
to which he replied ever so confidently, 
"no momma.  two. boys."

* two boys, coming september 23, 2014.
last week we hit the 23 week mark.
both boys look beautiful. 
absolutely no sign of TTTS to date. 
* more about this later. hopefully or maybe...

*pregnancy hair is so so awesome. 
compression tights in summer are so so not. 
the kids refer to them as my
"depression tights,"
it cracks me up.