just photos for now

It was her night and she knew it.



sometimes brilliant stuff can happen when your tool table, including cordless drill,
is set up in the kitchen.
check out our new smoothie cups...  
also, the mason jar might be my favorite household item.
please excuse the dirty camera lense.



i can't get this out of my mind.
because it really is so true.


they're here...

we have four, sweet, black and grey and gold kitties.
they are precious.
i missed the birth but gary was here to stand and protect and ensure skip's delivery in my closet
in peace.
the kitties are all warm and nursing with little paws spread out on skippy's white chest.
skippy is calm and purring and happy to let us pet and hold her babes.
although, she doesn't take her eyes off of them if they are out of the box.
she licks them and uses her arms to bring them close to her body. 
this morning charlee exclaimed, "mom, she is purring because she loves her kitties."
i think she's right.
is our girl cat of nearly a year. 
and in all (-1 or 2) ways she is the perfect pet.  
she is short haired, clean, quiet and company to my children whether they are outside,
downstairs, or in their beds at night.
she sits with one of the kids every night until they fall asleep.
one of the reasons i believe she is such a lovely pet for our family is that she was socialized by 
4 young girls at her mother's home.  
she was held and played with and put in pink purses from the time she was wee.
please let me know if you would like to come for a visit and see them.
we plan on putting them in pink purses for the next 8 weeks 
and then we will need to find good homes for them.    


a little secret

keep it simple.
keep it funny.

little teaser

mmm... i like dirt.  
it's official.

we do classy

sunday evening, gary and i were standing in our yard, anticipating the rain and
 all the things that need to get done around here.  
gary looked over my shoulder and with a smirk, shook his head.
 i turned to see just what he was looking at and shook my head in turn.  
  yes, those are our kids, our very pregnant cat and our truck:



adventure bible presentation

it was a special sunday.
our church presented adventure bibles to all the children going into kindergarten.
and charlee is going into kindergarten.
gary and i were on the edge of our seats the whole time.
i'd liken it to a fantastic, christian, mini-cirque du soleil, in a way.
maybe better.  it was free. 
anyway,  it's been a super duper full weekend 
and i promise to share, cause it's worth sharing,
but for now (cause i can barely keep my eyes open), here is a recap of my favorite three moments.
the end.


boys who stare at goats

i would like to begin this post by admitting that i may have just told my kids to go 
downstairs and look for candy.  
they looked at me with big eyes and in unison, "there's candy downstairs?"
(not my most shining moment).
i said "maybe"  but there isn't so this has to be quick.
lately, i've been feeling like bodhi needs a brother buddy.
you know, a litte someone or something he can act like a psycho with.  
after looking at these photos
i'm wondering in a goat might be a viable option.  
ok. i'm busted. gotta go deliver.   


we are all canucks

they believe.


happy sunshine happy weekend

these are my people.
and i am theirs.
they are the reason i
went grocery shopping,
cleaned the fridge,
baked banana bread
folded clothes
vacuumed, swept and mopped floors. 
after they were tucked into their beds for the night.
(not gary though).
speaking of g, when he's wearing his work clothes and loving on our kids like that,
i get a little crush on him.  


my awesome list.

1. bo had a bad cough in the middle of the night (again).  poor little sucker.  this morning he crawled into bed to get his am snuggle and i asked how his coughs were.  he said, "my coughs said sorry to me."
so cute.
so awesome.

2. speaking of last night and awesome.  i'm still laughing to myself about this little bit of pillow chat:
gary: you have kitten breath.
me: what does that even mean?
gary: you know, kinda cute and kinda gross. 
me: thanks babe.

3. how's the canuck playoff awesomeness in your home?  i want need to hear!
last night my forty year old husband took me to walmart, after a long day where i was already feeling like people of walmart, to look for canuck face tattoos (for himself).  they were out, of course, so he quickly changed gears and decided he needed a new cribbage board to bring to work.  he asked the lady in toys if they had playing cards "in canucks" and then waited while she looked for them and explained everything there is to know about stocking and monitoring toys at walmart!  
also, someone gave my husband a mini-keg beer dispenser the other night (i will not name names but thank you s&l).  It is currently chilling a mini keg of heineken on the train table.  
does he forget we live here during the day? 
let's hope no one pours themselves a sleeve while i'm folding clothes.         

4.  some times i actually think to myself,  
"these children of mine, have the most awesomely sophisticated bad ideas in the world!"  
(and sometimes i blog it). 
a little innocent fun always goes to the next level.  
 innocent fun.
 gloves!  great idea!
 this outfit needs an "awesome" all by itself.  
 wait a second.  really?  
this is where she got cold 
so i stripped her down and put her in the tub.
 and then this is where bo took it to the next level.
 and this is when he was thinking "i am in big trouble but you are also taking pictures,
am i suppose to say cheese?"  i told him i was taking pictures to show daddy.  
it's no wonder our kids need therapy when they grow up!
so there you have it, my life is totally awesome!
gary, i really do love you and your crazy, canuck obsessed, kitten butt!