create in me...

ok.  i'll admit it, there are times 
when the "creating" starts, 
i do a little shudder and
 say "noooooooo, for the love, no" in my head.
 most of the times 
when i see the scissors and the glue and the crayola come out 
i am required to surrender something deep within my soul.
why do i focus on the mess on the table and on the floor 
(and sometimes on the walls and in the carpet),
rather than the incredible process that is taking place at my very own kitchen table?
can you relate?
my fallibility trips me up on a daily basis. 
i am so grateful for a gracious lord and his spirit, giving me direction,
and showing me the way i should think about things.  
 i stumbled across this quote in a recent real simple magazine,
"creating is a better means of self expression than possession; it is through creating, not possession, that life is revealed." 
- Vida Dutton Scudder 
here are a few pics
of our lives 
being revealed.


in the rain now

i love the rain.
always have.
i love the deep grey sky.
i love the sound it makes on a multitude of surface.
i love how it makes me feel quiet and content.
in my soul.
i love how it settles the dust,
and washes away the pollen and
side walk chalk.
i love the rain.
and now i have these (pictured below).
and besides getting them for a steal of a deal (thank you ebay),
these boots were made for
love'n the rain.
can you say puddle HUNTERs.


trampolines and birthing

recently, i made a "judgement call"
i'd never call it a "mistake" but it was one of the decisions that 
has brought with it, lasting repercussions
(like when i let the kids play with flour in the tub).
i let my children watch this
am i crazy?
they thought it was incredible and asked to watch it again (and again).
now they play
"labour and deliver"
on the trampoline 
in the front yard
for hours. 
i can only imagine what my neighbours are thinking
as my 4 year old son tells his sisters to 
"just take deep breaths and push,"
while he skillfully delivers baby dolls from under their t-shirts.
i usually feel an odd mix of mortification and extreme pride.
it's funny how the two can go together. 
at the end of the day, 
all the mortification has turned into comedy (my favorite) 
and only the pride and joy remain.
i think how they play is beautiful.
they play 
because they must believe 
it is really that great.
pushing out babies 'n all.
here is what i captured today:
a. please note bo's delivery victory robot dance.
b.  how about that look on jane's face.  
c. watch out water-births.
outdoor trampoline births are on the rise!


some things to smile about

life is so full.  
i don't have the time or energy to put it all down in words. 
(big sigh).
gary and i pick up our camera from 
time to time.
this is what i found this evening when i downloaded pictures from this week.    
it all just makes me smile.
easter egg hunt 'n all (sans big, white, bow wearing bunny).
 how about these sweet sweet babies....
this is to be the last batch of davey-house kittens.
my emotions are mixed.  
we may have one or two available.
let me know if you are interested.    
 then there is this girl,
sometimes when i drive the back country roads of our town,
i let her sit in the front seat next to me.
we usually hold hands.  
monday afternoon we went cruis'n in the sunshine.
we had popsicles (yes, in the van - cause that's my style). 
we had on our sunglasses and the tunes were blaring.
char was bobbing her head and smiling her sweet little grin.
an intense wave of emotion swept over me and i had to speak
(cause that is what i do when i experience emotion).  
i asked her what she was thinking...
she replied:
"i can't tell you mom, cause it's right in front of us."
and she waved her hand like she was showing me the world for the very first time.
    i took her words as an invitation to be speak less and be in the moment more.  
thank you sweet girl.  
  and in case you need a laugh...
jane has recently dropped her 
it kinda breaks my heart.  
but i get it.
she is "just jane" (her words) now, 
and she is doing stuff like wearing jeans, 
putting on her own seatbelt (in the car seat),
brushing her teeth all by her self,
working the microwave,
folding the wash cloths,
she says "oh yeah" and "what the heeeeck,"
and then there is this little trick (see below).
honey, you will never be "just" anything. 
and now on to some boh-z pie....(nah, that's not going to work).
the kid is so straight forward, it can get a little uncomfortable.  
his smile is one of the most incredible sights i have ever seen.
he recently grew an entire size in a matter of days,  
and he is brave, 
as in he is willing to brave sitting next to dad during the playoffs. 
bud, you are the toughest guy i know! 


easter weekend

i'm sorry
i just can't get into the easter bunny or cheap candy.
i just don't have the personality.
or something.
i am
crazy about 
beautiful, blossoming cherry trees in the spring.
and hope.
trees and hope.
i hope your weekend was truly blessed.


bits and pieces

here is a little collection of bits, 
a random smattering of what's been happening over here.
nothing like downloading photos from your camera 
and discovering that a few of your best buds had a dough-off 
with out you.  
spagetti taco wins! 
when i am tired i get a little crafty
felted with love:
(happy birthday jenne.  so glad i could celebrate with you...xo)
watched this the other night.
so. very. good.
i do recommend. 
and finally, i've been dabbling on craigslist:
if you know of anyone who might be interested in these vintage beauties (size 6)
send them my way.
peace out.