pregnant with two... so far

comercial for aspca. 
women's ice skating nationals - long program.  
reading kisses from katie.
having the flu.
trying to tell anyone about the "jane" story from the book kisses from katie (double-ugly-sob).
discussing my grocery budget.
that dang operation christmas child promo video.
select episodes of parks and recreation.

my body feels like it has exploded in the last couple of weeks.
i eat approximately 7-10 small snacks meals a day. i'm starting to feel like a hobbit.
my tummy grumbles and i feel shaky and nauseous.
if i don't eat enough during the day, the grumbles wake me up at 3am, which is cool.
truth be told,
i'm tired of putting food in my mouth.
that is unless it's chocolate cake.

the belly:
it's large and the skin feels stretched tight.
i shudder when i think about how much time i still have.
and i'm extremely grateful for my husband's sweat pants & hoodies.

aches and pains:
yes. already.

so there you have it.  a brief summarization of what's going on in regards to my pregnant self.  i have an appointment on wednesday and i'm really looking forward to finding out some details, like a due date.

and in case you only come by here to read what hilarious things come out of my children's mouths,
here are a few that made me laugh:


after one morning where all the other kids had finished breakfast and moved on to fun morning chores...

me: "bo, tell your bum to stay on the bench until your breakfast is done!"
bo: "but mom, my bum just likes to follow you around."

after giving our sweet respite baby girl some cuddles.

bo: "mom, is this a robot baby?"
me: "no."


after whining about wanting to go for ice cream at 9 am.

me: "jane, whining will never help you get what you want. "
jane: "when i'm done with my whine, then can we go for ice cream?"
me: "nope."


while driving past the road crew digging up massive chunks of road on our street.

char: "mom, are they looking for jewl-ies?"
me: "mmm.  i don't think so.  i think they are working on putting in new water pipes."
char:  "ah. that makes more sense."

happy weekend.


a thought

my people do this well.


i don't know how to say this

my life is many things.
 dull is not one of them.
i'm concerned charlee believes me to be much older than i am.
and perhaps much older than my peers.  
(maybe it's time to toss the white granny nighty 
and get a pair of yoga pants like all the other mom's my age.  
for the record,
i hate yoga pants.  
that is unless we are talking about a goucho.
and i really do love my granny nighty).  

here are a few of the recent comments she has made:

"mmmmm.... you smell like grandma."

"how can an old woman have a two babies in her tummy?"

her: "mom, i don't want you to die"
me: "i'm not going to die! why would you even think that?"
her: "but you have grey hair!"  

eternal-youth culture plus hair die is not doing our children (or my self-confidence) any favours.
speaking of my beloved granny nighty...
the belly is growing.
and fast.
felt one of the little suckers kick tonight.  
not a flutter.   
a real kick to the gut.


i do miss my camera

i'd love to be following around the kids in their "explorer outfits" 
(think sparks vests, winter hats and magnifying glasses)
 as they search for 
living and non-living things in our fall strewn yard.
however,  i am grateful for a working computer again.  
i realized i never posted these photos 
from our trip home from california with the family in may.  
 they are just too precious not to share.  
no words needed.
in a family sandwiched by two strong females, 
this child has found a myriad of ways to exert his... 
or something.
beautiful char:
it is with pride i share the following-
our mowgli-girl.
i love that my children see the sea 
and they run with abandon.
too bad it was so so cold.  ;)
so handsome in plaid.