home and happy

gary and i where able to get away last weekend.  
we had three nights at a hotel/ "resort"
in carlsbad (paid for 2 years ago),
we had points to book flights,
and we had family eager to take our children. 
it was lovely.  
we did not take a single photograph.  
as we were too busy
holding hands,
eating mexican, 
drinking coffee and
missing our kids.  
we had time to connect and refocus.  
it feels so good to be on the same page.  
in regards to discovering our surprise "baby" is actually 
"two babies,"
we've both come to the same place.
after seeing their little bodies on that black and white screen, 
it's hard not to feel like we've always wanted them.
both of them.  
we know it's going to have it's challenges
and we also know the lord will provide for us.
we feel very loved and supported by our family 
and our incredible community.  
it's going to be an adventure.  
since arriving home:
i have been recovering from a little cold.
going to bed early.
loving my children
and our routine.
i have also been enjoying a couple good reads.
this one, i spotted at a friends house earlier this year.
she read a few lines to us and the next day i ordered it on-line.
i do recommend.
i have been feeling
peaceful, purposeful and grateful.
 it's amazing what a couple days with my man can do.
(it might also have something to do with the fact that i'm not feeling nauseous 24/7).



found out this week
that surprise baby # 4
is actually
surprise baby # 4 & 5.

we are 
sometimes with tears.  

i think
"one crazy a day"
may be on it's way out.
5 kids, 6 and under

*good thing nut-balls is our specialty.   


homeschool style

"just for today, i will ask for his grace to make my priorities all things unseen."
thank you - this lady
 that is what we i am working on over here. 
 we are going to take our 
 seen-clashy-clash-knee-socks-and-little-house-on-the-prairie style
to costco.


this is why.

and that is all.


my life is beautiful-crazy




crazy x 4.
coming some time in march.
i think.  
i'll keep you posted
(now that i am no longer couch/bed/toilet bowl constrained).