listy list...

stuff that's broke:
- i mac
- nikon
- washing machine
- power head of the vacuum.
(prayers of protection appreciated for our major kitchen appliances and vehicles).

stuff i love so much i want to cry:
- when charlee says "speaking of..." as in,
me: "careful you don't want to spill water all over the floor"
char: "speaking of water, i'm really thirsty."
- when bodhi sings this song like, "sing like never before, O MY SOUL, worsh'n his moley may."
- jane keeps asking for a skate board.
- my family.
- and that every time they come for a visit, my kids end up with cute new clothes and there is always something pickled and spicy left in my pantry.  ie. artichoke hearts, asparagus, peperoncinis.
- the sun. the beautiful golden sun. and slurpees on the deck.
- our new playhouse.  photos to come (hopefully).
- gary.

the kids summer time activites (so far):
- paper airplanes off the deck.
- baby tigers in the front lawn.  they crawl around on all fours, eating grass and nuzzling one another. (reason #627 they aren't going to public school).
- punch (yep it's what it sounds like). if you get hurt you are out.  i don't make up the rules.
- slaves in egypt. this involves mixing mud in the wheel barrow in their undies. (reason #2).
- also swimming.  in every shape and body of water imaginable.