a little catch up (a junk drawer post)

bear with me.
i've learned that i don't love blogging about vacations.
i do however, require vacations from blogging.
  don't get me wrong, our holiday was incredible.
and i'm sure it will come up again
(i have a some photos of the girls with the princesses that are disney magic).
also i have this little collection of bo-moments that i can't keep to myself.
it would be rude if i did,
for example:
- bo tried to pee (as in, pants down and aim ready)
in the princess pond at snow white's grotto.
snow white and her evil step lady witnessed the whole situation.
fortunately, it was snow white, and i'm sure she is use to those kinds of shenanigans,
living with the dwarfs 'n all.    
- one time bo shoved a couple groups ahead of ours, while we were waiting in line for train ride,
and returned with a handful of another family's popcorn.
i was horrified but
they assured me he had fantastic manners and said "thank you so much."
then they offered him more.
that kid, i tell you, has charm.
- then their was the time he ripped into winnie the pooh about all that honey and sugar bugs.
winnie the pooh pretty much laughed in his face and just went right on eating honey.
i agree bo, he's got issues.
to be continued...  
you know, what i enjoy most is writing about the humorous, even the absurd,
or the "crazy" that happens every single day, 
whether we are at disney land or at home...or at church.
a couple sunday's ago was a pretty big deal.
gary ran his very first half marathon.
he did in a hair over 2 hours.
  (pretty remarkable, considering i almost died recenlty, barely making it 2 laps around the track)
bo graduated from preschool at church.
he got to go up, in front of the entire 9 am congregation 
and receive a handshake and a new bible with the rest of his class. 
 he insisted on wearing his really cool angry birds t-shirt.
he was a red angry bird in a sea of plaid, pressed, dress shirts.
i was cool with that much.    
the whole presentation was about 6 minutes, start to finish.
i'm not sure if it was nerves or what but as soon as he got into position on stage,
he stuck both his hands down the front of his pants.
i could see there was not a single thought that went into the move.  he was on auto pilot.  
as soon as his eyes met mine, he pulled them right out.  quicker than snot.
i must have had fire in my eyes.  
however, with his hands, he also pulled out about 4 inches of spider man boxer shorts.  
the billow of boxer sat right between his pants and his bright red angy bird t-shirt as he shook hands and received his new bible.  it was on the big screen for all to see.
i can not decide which was worse, the hands down the pants or the boxers hanging out.    
the lord is faithful and continues to purge what pride i have left from my heart...
thank you jesus.
have i mentioned that gary and i recently celebrated our 10 year.
it was a pretty chill standard evening
minus the really good food we ordered,
a fantastic bottle of red wine
and an epic argument.
now that we have been married 10 years, we both have the wisdom to know that
sometimes an argument
can be more fruitful than a really nice night.  
sometimes an argument is part of a process.
and a process is usually indicative of growth.
so, there you have it.
favorite quote of the evening:
"happy anniversary to you too!"
gary fixed the dryer, with a little help from me.
(let's just say, it is a good thing my dad is an engineer).
gary also saved our i Mac from needing a new hard drive.
i need to give props, where props are due.
the man is a hero around here.
the computer has been down for the last couple of weeks
which is one of the reasons i've been off the grid.   
we have been wrapping up school and learning center and all the extra curricular activities.
 char participated in the year end science fair.
she did a little project around her rock collection.
char insisted on using pink pipe cleaners and pink pom poms to decorate her board.
it was like reese witherspoon in legally blond goes to kindergarten.
she was super proud of it and so was i.
the girl has spunk.
my favorite part of the whole experience was introducing her to the glue gun!
such fun.
jane is nearly 3.
in a matter of weeks we will celebrate with princesses and puppies and a picnic at the park.
or something.
she is a remarkable child.
she is able to articulate what is going on with her so clearly
and always with a sense of humour.
for example:
jane: mom, i see pictures in my head.
me: huh?
jane: yeah, i see pictures in my head.
me: is that cool?
jane: uh huh.
then she does this little scrunchy-off-to-one-side face.
it's my favorite thing.
well, that completes "a little catch up," instalment numero I.



  1. LOVE this post. You articulate your feelings so well. I am jealous of your gift. Hugs to you friend! xoxox Oh and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Carleigh... I love this post... like a LOT. Our ten year is next week and I would so not be surprised to see us have an epic argument as well. But you're right, sometimes those are very fruitful moments.

    Also, your Bo sounds so awesome. ;)