disney land (in no particular order)

i'm kind of having a hard time getting this post out
so i'm just going to publish and call it a day.
here are the basics:
our holiday cohort included
myself, gary, "aunty" kathleen, charlee, bodhi & jane.
my parents,
grandma jodi and papa walt flew and met us at disney land.  
so figure this, 
5 adults + 3 kids + 5 days.
the overall vibe of the week was exciting and relaxing.
we moseyed, 
we enjoyed, we rode, 
we watched.
all of our fun times just kind of blend together in my mind.
it was such a great week.
so without further ado,
here are some of our pictures,  in no particular order.
(note: "princess" post and "shazza bo did at disney land" post to come)

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  1. I LOVE it! I could just scoop up all of the cuteness. What a wonderful treasure-trove of memories! It is definitely a magical place! ☺