rules rule!

i would not call myself a "rules" person.
but lately...
 i have needed rules.
like i have needed my sanity.
here is what i have put down so far:

1. check with mom first before using microwave for experiments any reason. 

2. do not wake up early and make "potions" from kitchen condiments.  "potions" require adult supervision.   

3. pure maple syrup is not a toy.  

4. no crunchy/ crumbly snacks in bed. 

5. brushing teeth is mandatory, not optional, or part of the school year routine.  

6. NO hitting, biting, pushing, poking, kicking, flicking, scratching, or stabbing anyone with a golf- tee.

7. always ask first before getting any food or snack from the kitchen, with the exception of carrots... carrots are free for all.  

8. wash hands after sticking any part of your hand down your pants.

9. no potty talk, or rudeness or inappropriate joking. ever. ever.  no exceptions.   

10. no tacks in walls. 

11. no sharpies for kids.  

12. no ice cream for breakfast.

13. no getting down from the table in the middle of a meal.  save the new song and dance for after.  

and finally...

14. i don't care what water conservation speech mrs. corinna has shared with you, WE ALWAYS FLUSH #2!!!  

save me from feeling lick a real kill joy and please tell me
what are your rules?  


  1. Ha ha....those are very cute....I love the one about washing hands that have been in pants....but one rule I break a couple of times a year "no ice cream for breakfast"....we like to have a couple of backwards days a year....ice cream and sprinkles for breakie....cereal for supper....I love your blog Carleigh!!! from Danielle

  2. just enjoying the edits is all. made me smile even bigger the second time round.
    love your humor friend. love your intentions. love you. (xo)

  3. Lol, love it, sounds like my daily life. I feel like all I do all day long is say 'no'. Number 8 is a big problem around her for sure!!

  4. thank you for my morning belly laugh. perfect. still chuckling.
    my rules are far broader--
    no hitting.
    no pointing guns (or fingers in the shape of guns) or no pointing aiming, shooting, or pretending to shoot weapons of any sort at any thing that has breath.
    do as you're asked. you can question it while you're actively doing it, but no questions unless you are actually DOING.
    no cooking without permission.
    nothing electronic without permission.
    no using the R-word.
    no using the word "gay", unless you are referring to being happy and carefree.
    no spitting, no biting, no licking, no hurtful talk. mouths are for kissing, eating, smiling, singing, and using beautiful words. (you could hear me say "with all the beautiful things we could have coming out of our mouths, we don't need to fill the air with nasty things")
    no fake french rapping. (this applies to my husband. not even joking).
    no scream singing without warning.
    no throwing yourself down the stairs without warning.

    wow. that is a lotta rules. dang. I'm lame.

  5. Oh dear carleigh. There was a time when I thought I'd never snap and implement a million rules. Rules like:

    No dumping water over your sisters head (even though she likes it) without asking.
    You are not allowed, at any point, ever, to show your cousin your vagina dancing or not. Vagina showing is a terrible dance move.
    Please feel free to cry about (very good reasons like: not getting a candy for breakfast or how I dumped water over your head because you did it to your sister) but go finish doing so in your room (with your door closed).

    Whaaaaat? Oh yeah, and asking me the same question I answered "no" to just 10minutes earlier? Total grounds for a consequence.

    Sigh. She honestly asks me when we're going places if I can drop her off and go somewhere else...

    Kill Joy. Who'd a thunk?