away - #2

day #2
this stop/ overnighter with the klassen family of theeee california fruits 
was so much fun and a blessing of our memories made.  
the setting was serene, 
the food was delicious (sorry greg),
the company was warm and inviting,
and the trampoline, swing set and bikes where just what the doctor ordered
after nearly 20 hours in the vehicle.  
gary picked warm oranges and white grapefruits off the tree 
and i was given an insightful farm tour by "molly" (12? mabey?), 
an up and coming fruit farmer who entertained my children at the swings until the sun set.
here is a glimpse:


  1. WHAT a gorgeous place. Its like from a movie or something. Just lovely! The plate of food...yum! You are ever so beautiful, sweet friend! ☺ YAY for vacations!

  2. It might have been nice of you to bring home a little baggy of tri-tip for me.
    Thanks for making me homesick.

  3. Isn't there some rule somewhere about not feeding your children things that are bigger than they are?? I'm reporting you. Sherilyn