away - #1

now i have to admit.  
our photos aren't great.  
i kept forgetting to to pull out the camera. 
let's just say, i'm happy to have enough to tell the story.
and i'm grateful i went with people who were more on top of the whole picture taking situation
then myself.  
day #1
we drove. 
down the I-5 pretty much all day long. 
it was on this day, 
we figured out the inns and outs of the rental van's dvd system,
we fell in love with coffee house, the satellite radio station,
we discovered that "driving through the night" was as true to (our) life 
as a disney fairy tale
we made our one and only rule for the week:
magical place (aka disney land) >>> magical attitudes.  
make sense?
(even when people drive the speed limit in the fast lane).
 we did parkour whenever we had the chance.
it helped to get the wiggles out and helped to maintain general sanity and moral.
 hotel room parkour
 gas station parkour
 and then there was this magnificent moon.
charlee thought it was as magical as anything she'd ever seen.
even after the whole trip was said and done,
this moon is still one of her highlights.


  1. parkour works wonders for little boys!!!

  2. I forget to pull out the real camera so many days, too. Loved this.
    Please talk to my hubby about the importance of parkour--we do many, many long road trips and he still does not agree with me that stopping to get the wiggles out is a good idea! (ha!)