they're here...

we have four, sweet, black and grey and gold kitties.
they are precious.
i missed the birth but gary was here to stand and protect and ensure skip's delivery in my closet
in peace.
the kitties are all warm and nursing with little paws spread out on skippy's white chest.
skippy is calm and purring and happy to let us pet and hold her babes.
although, she doesn't take her eyes off of them if they are out of the box.
she licks them and uses her arms to bring them close to her body. 
this morning charlee exclaimed, "mom, she is purring because she loves her kitties."
i think she's right.
is our girl cat of nearly a year. 
and in all (-1 or 2) ways she is the perfect pet.  
she is short haired, clean, quiet and company to my children whether they are outside,
downstairs, or in their beds at night.
she sits with one of the kids every night until they fall asleep.
one of the reasons i believe she is such a lovely pet for our family is that she was socialized by 
4 young girls at her mother's home.  
she was held and played with and put in pink purses from the time she was wee.
please let me know if you would like to come for a visit and see them.
we plan on putting them in pink purses for the next 8 weeks 
and then we will need to find good homes for them.    

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