boys who stare at goats

i would like to begin this post by admitting that i may have just told my kids to go 
downstairs and look for candy.  
they looked at me with big eyes and in unison, "there's candy downstairs?"
(not my most shining moment).
i said "maybe"  but there isn't so this has to be quick.
lately, i've been feeling like bodhi needs a brother buddy.
you know, a litte someone or something he can act like a psycho with.  
after looking at these photos
i'm wondering in a goat might be a viable option.  
ok. i'm busted. gotta go deliver.   


  1. ha ha ha ha - literally laughing out loud here!

  2. just get him an ollie: they have no table manners, and they are assured to talk potty. all day. ask me about pricing. also able to make a trade. cute little polite girls wanted. make that NEEDED.

  3. Oh. my. gosh. Total hilarity. LOVE it. Do you have room for a goat? ☺

  4. Get him a dog! Sherilyn