my awesome list.

1. bo had a bad cough in the middle of the night (again).  poor little sucker.  this morning he crawled into bed to get his am snuggle and i asked how his coughs were.  he said, "my coughs said sorry to me."
so cute.
so awesome.

2. speaking of last night and awesome.  i'm still laughing to myself about this little bit of pillow chat:
gary: you have kitten breath.
me: what does that even mean?
gary: you know, kinda cute and kinda gross. 
me: thanks babe.

3. how's the canuck playoff awesomeness in your home?  i want need to hear!
last night my forty year old husband took me to walmart, after a long day where i was already feeling like people of walmart, to look for canuck face tattoos (for himself).  they were out, of course, so he quickly changed gears and decided he needed a new cribbage board to bring to work.  he asked the lady in toys if they had playing cards "in canucks" and then waited while she looked for them and explained everything there is to know about stocking and monitoring toys at walmart!  
also, someone gave my husband a mini-keg beer dispenser the other night (i will not name names but thank you s&l).  It is currently chilling a mini keg of heineken on the train table.  
does he forget we live here during the day? 
let's hope no one pours themselves a sleeve while i'm folding clothes.         

4.  some times i actually think to myself,  
"these children of mine, have the most awesomely sophisticated bad ideas in the world!"  
(and sometimes i blog it). 
a little innocent fun always goes to the next level.  
 innocent fun.
 gloves!  great idea!
 this outfit needs an "awesome" all by itself.  
 wait a second.  really?  
this is where she got cold 
so i stripped her down and put her in the tub.
 and then this is where bo took it to the next level.
 and this is when he was thinking "i am in big trouble but you are also taking pictures,
am i suppose to say cheese?"  i told him i was taking pictures to show daddy.  
it's no wonder our kids need therapy when they grow up!
so there you have it, my life is totally awesome!
gary, i really do love you and your crazy, canuck obsessed, kitten butt!


  1. I'm glad the truck is going to such good use. SK

  2. ha ha ha! there was actually a combination of laughing and groaning out loud seeing the mud on the wall...

    would love to meet your sweet, sophisticated kids and your lovely self, Carleigh! I hear such great things about you. hope that sounded less creepy to you than it just did to me, in my head.

    Love Laura

  3. Regarding point 4... that's like seven days worth of crazy over here.

    And I like how you invite it... just a little bit. ;)

  4. SK - good use for sure!
    Laura - let's make a date! see, i can do creep right back-atcha!
    Jenne - i do, i invite it. crazy awesome is in my blood... just like mud.

  5. Oh honey, I know it.

    <3 you.

  6. get your hubs to cruise South Fraser and then it goes to DOUBLE awesome. next game, k?