the funny thing about blogging

sometimes it's about the three glorious moments of the day.
 i blog about them so all those other moments
(like trantrum-puke moments, fat lip and nose bleed moments, mommy yelling, 
pee bed, cheerios stuck to my feet, cleaning poop out of the little potty again moments) 
just fade into the 
oblivion (aka the fuzzy chasm in my brain).
i figure i put other stuff into oblivion, like our passports and people's birthdays,
why not put all those not-funny-bring-me-to-my-knees moments there as well.
sometimes i'll just put the moments i love here.
for my sake, really.


  1. Good to see your beautiful glorious moments and know us momma's are not alone in the not so glorious times!

  2. gotta say, i love those kids.