stuff i'm figuring out and more.

hair: i've just discovered my short hair totally looks better when it's a little dirty.  i'm not trying to make you laugh here.  my clean hair is fluffy and kind of boring, sans personality, if you get my drift.  i even bought some product, "dirty clean" by l'oreal.   i wish the same principle applied to my house (laugh here).  

new rule: i have a new rule for myself, organise something every day.  i think it's a good rule. the thing can be as simple as a sock drawer or as mountain-ish as the pantry.  things on my to do list include, but are not limited to, the kids dressers, under the bathroom sink, and my spice nook.  note to myself: this is not a cleaning thing; it's a function thing (sometimes i clean while i'm at it).  I organized the tupperware cupboard at 10:30 friday evening.  i'm really living over here! 

pumping down: bo's term, "pumping down" holds some mystery in my life.  he uses it on average, 2-3 times a day.  his diego bike is "pumping down"  so were his boots when they were on the wrong feet.  sometimes he uses it to describe extreme fatigue and hunger.  i try to throw it out from time to time,"mommy is feeling really pumping down right now, can you go play downstairs?" the kids look at me like i have two heads.  i asked him what "pumping down" means and he replied with, "because it's the pumper."  i think we might be looking at bo's f-word, people.

advil:  i don't imagine advil (or the off brand i buy) is an ideal permanent solution for molar discomfort.  i should probably call my dentist.  right?

boys and chips:  they are a thing, right?  it's not just mine.  bo is a lovely child in almost every situation but put a bowl of "spicy" chips on the table and the child turns stingy and mean.  he has been known to wrap his arms around a party bowl and give looks that kill.  another one of his techniques, recently used when asked to share was to take a bite of every chip before giving it to someone.  the other evening we were sharing a meal with friends, bo started with his chip routine and i started to get on him when the "mister" of the house was like, "it's ok, i'm addicted to the crunch too."  thanks, b-rad, i needed that.          

some ispiration:  thank you pinterest for fill my head with all kinds of nonsense.  i adore this photo.  it's so familiar and comfortable, i think that girl might actually be me... in the future.  i am currently and actively in the market for the perfect striped shirt, overalls and a ukulele for each of the kids and let me tell you, i would so pick up that coffee table if i found it on the side of the road.
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  1. I totally thought that picture *was* you. She could be your clone. LOVE this list. Good ideas to live by, I might try them! ♥

  2. "pumped down"...love it. love him. it's so his f-bomb.

  3. Oh gosh Car... this is pure perfection. All of it. I was nodding & laughing & maybe even takin' a few notes. Love you girl. You are one of MY favorite ladies.

    (And that photo... *swoon*.)

  4. I think I have realized why I enjoy Ann Voskamp. She reminds me of you: poetic, sees the beauty in simplicity, has a heart of gratitude, and is perfectly real. :)

    Love the pic. Totally thought that was you.