riding on cars with toys

i classify a good saturday in one of two ways.
it is either
 a work day
 an adventure day
sunday's are for laying around.  
today was a work day.
a few days ago
i read this (thank you jeremy vis)
and something inside me said 
to sum it up, the article states and explains 
how there is a connection between happiness and having less stuff.
i believe it.
i spent today digging though bins of stuff in my demon shop.
i've been purging, organizing, putting stuff on craigslist.
it feels good.
i feel a little happier already.
speaking of stuff,
the kids are sick again.
we've got coughs and goopy eyes this time - awesome.
when the kids are sick i don't feel so bad putting on show's and working on projects.  
as long as we take breaks here and there to do a little 
the kids got these plasma cars for christmas and let me tell you - 
best toys ever!  
every one in the family loves them...
every. one.
don't make me repost photos from new years.
also, bodhi has a new best friend.  
we sometimes trade stuffed animals with our friend, oliver.  
he has our green crocodile (even though he really loves our pink kitty) right now
and we have the adorable stuffed dinosaur (pictured above with bo).   
did i mention art show was on thursday?
it was 
and it was brilliant.
photo montage to come
 until then
and just in case, 
see here.


  1. I had that kind of day today too! I was even blessed to toss and donate stuff without protest from any of the boys because Paul took them for an overnighter so I could just putter away. It was so delightful. I highly recommend husbands and fathers everywhere to give it a try.

  2. oh rachel! i cannot imagine what it would be like to have a weekend, day even at home alone. that's the stuff fantasies are made of.