not my fluffy puppies...

not too long ago char and i got to watch the miracle of puppies being born.
it was an experience i meant to blog about right after it happened.
 that's life though.
my friend and my kids' babysitter, kirsten (pictured next to me below), has a beautiful dog named sammi.
my children adore sammi almost as much as they adore kirsten.
last fall sammi got pregnant (i was there for that too).
"sammi's puppies" consumed much of charlee's thoughts, dreams and play.
i was really hoping we wouldn't miss their arrival.
i got the call at about 8pm on a tuesday night.  char had just fallen asleep.
i was so excited to wake her up with the whisper "they are coming, let's go."
char leapt out of bed, eyes wide, knowing exactly what i was talking about. 
her knees trembled with excitement all the way there. 
we got to witness 4 puppies enter the world. 
they emerged wet and gooey and hungry.
i'm not sure char was expecting that, she had to excuse herself a couple times 
and choke back dry heaves. 
kirsten worked along side sammi until she delivered all 7 healthy pups.
i found myself doing a lot of deep breathing just before sammi pushed.
on the way home char said, "mom those puppies were really cute 
and kinda of gross.  
when are they going to be fluffy?"
now, people!
  they are fluffy now!  
and there are four left and they need good homes.  
see them here.
and maybe fall in love.


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