several weeks back,
our housemate, kathleen,
purchased a private gymnastics class 
at a student auction for missions at our local bible college (aka her work).
she arranged for "our class" to take it 
friday morning.  
these photos are from the first 30 seconds.
it was kinda awesome and kinda hilarious.  
our teacher did a great job.
upon meeting her, 
bo said (to her face)
"you are beautiful and you are kind."
and that pretty much sums it up.
i would add creative and patient to the list, but that's just me.
the kids stretched with balls and did some tumbling.
 then we let them free in a large open gym with squishy balls.
charlee showed off her freestyle program 
complete with (after googling "ballet moves") something similar to a 

fouetté rond de jambe en tournant

that girl has crazy talent up her sleeve.
(she has never had a dance class in her life)
this morning she wipped out some
nearly perfect form
when we asked her where she learned how to do a push-up, she said replied matter of fact,
"oh, god put it in my head"
and i wouldn't be surprised.
here are a few additional points from our friday/saturday:
-last night, gary and i went out to dinner with friends and then sat in the very front row at the 
Fest of Fools.
it was brilliant and we are now officially in love with the Langley Ukulele Ensemble.
- the kids tasted cotton candy today for the first time.
-bo is getting more and more confidant on his big boy bike.
jane-z might actually get a chance with her tricycle. woot woot!
-gary and i (ok, mostly gary) spent a large portion of the day 
filling our trailer with branches from our yard.
-for some reason yard work makes us crabby with one another.  i don't get it.  
-jane really and truly believes she is the boss of me.
  -and then i slept through 3/4 of the movie, yogi bear.
the end.


  1. ok. do you remember when about 3 months ago i told you about this friend i had who taught gymnastics and was at cbc and but couldn't work in canada and i suggested we get her to teach our big kids? donika. that was her! so crazy when she came over and said she had met you guys.

  2. um. so crazy. it's a small world and even smaller town.