my smile box

it has been busy.  
as in blog-fall-by-the-way-side busy.
as in,
lots of company,
spring is coming,
i have three kids,
selling books, 
when my days are so full 
and i'm not blogging
i find myself writing down those little best moments on the back of envelopes
in my mind.
then i fold them up and cram them into a little smile box
in my mind.  
do you ever do that?

here is one i've had in there since last week.
forgive me if you've already heard it once
or twice.

one day last week, taija (my niece) was outside with the kids.
char was playing on the backside of our hill/ cliff.  
(this is something the kids are starting to do more and more and its no more dangerous than... 
a lot of other things).
this time, however, char started to scream, frantically,
taija nearly had a heart attack.
the neighbour lady behind us probably did have a heart attack as
she nearly scurried up the embankment to attend to my 4 year old.
fortunately, taija got there first. 
char had repelled down with a vine of sorts and was channeling an imaginary 
stranded animal in extreme distress.
(an animal that could apparently speak english - thank you Go Diego Go! for that one).  
after taija assured the neighbour lady that char was fine, she brought her to me to relay the story.  
char looked at me with an ever so slight annoyance and said
"it's ok mom, it was just super hero stuff."

maybe this is where i was suppose to go into the whole 
"boy who cried wolf" saga.
but i didn't.  
i mean.
i have no expertise when it comes to super hero stuff.


  1. "Just super hero stuff" Oh man. Too funny. I cracked up. I can see Char say that :) I so enjoyed my impromptu 7 minute visit with you and your munchkins today. How welcoming your kids are! I enjoyed the hugs and kisses and smiles and mini stories and fashion show... Man, all in 7 minutes! Next time we'll have coffee and I'll give you a heads up so you can get dressed. LOL :)

  2. This was amazing! I do the same thing, writing things on envelopes in my mind, trying to expand on them later, remembering what makes each day, each moment so special - I just wish somedays I could remember where I put the danged envelopes...

    I love your writing. Oh, and you and your family are gorgeous. So honored to be a link from your blog. Thank you for that. :)


  3. LOVE this! Char is a hooot. She reminds me a lot of Maddy at that age. {sigh} How time flies! Now, I am told that I was born in the 50's and that I don't know anything about fashion. ☺

    P.S Thank you for your comment. My heart was truly blessed. Love you!