hearts 'n stuff

i feel about valentines day about the same thing i feel about headbands.  it's cute 'n all but let's face it, it's a little "kindergarten."
i think i have better feelings about mardi gras.  
i am of the thinking that looking for ways to show love should be a way of life...
not a day of the year.
*more on this later
 mardi gras, on the other hand, needs it's own day lest we all get carried away.
you can have too many king cakes people!
gary is good at valentines.
he got right in the spirit sunday night and made cards for everyone in the house.
he set them out with treats for the kids to find first thing this morning.
the kids thought he was a hero...
so, with reluctance, i put on my game day fry-pan and came up with this:
i'm not 100% sure but i'm willing to say g's five mm's in a zip lock is what won their valentine hearts.
when gary got home he asked bo if he liked the valentines card
he made for him.
bo replied, "i eat treats."
oh, don't let me forget to show you the card gary made for me.

*showing love as a way of life:

lately gary and i have been challenged to jump at opportunities to love and be generous with what we have.  the church we have been attending is hammering it home!  
since our days of caring for matthew came to an end (six months ago today)
we have definitely been feeling a void.
and although there is a huge part of that void that is sure to remain (the matthew part)
we know we have more to give... more to share... more to love.
i have been taking a course offered by the ministry of children and family
for parents who foster or provide relief for foster parents.
the class has been phenomenal. don't get me started! really!
and although, i think we are still a ways off from becoming foster parents ourselves (the timing just isn't right) we had our first opportunity to provide relief this last weekend.
we gave some incredible foster parents the weekend off by taking their sweet little foster girls.
their ages are 3 and 14 months (yeah, that made 5 kids, 4 and under).
loving them came easy.  and i think they loved it here as well.
it was a really great weekend.  things went really smooth and that's the truth.
we were a great team and again, we were blessed to have kathleen as part of our family.
she was around to snuggle and hold and read books to the little people in our home.
not going to lie, the nights did get a little intense and
we were exhausted at the end... but in a really good renewing kind of way.
and there was that little voice in our spirits that said,
"this is it."
her little face made me see hearts.  

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