today a little miracle happened.  
even my bulbs peeked to see.
the clouds cleared and the sun was bright.
a sight i thought would never be.
i feel like for the last couple for the last couple of months the weather was suffering with clinical depression.  it has been so grey and wet!  we have hardly been outside.
upon seeing the sun this morning we promptly went out to greet it - 
and invite it to stay awhile.
(for the sake of all our mental health). 
this might be my favorite outfit in the whole world.  
it's how you dress when you don't leave the house.
-honorable mentions go out to char and bo.
char insisted she wear all pink and bo wear all orange.
they could start a rock band and call it the clash.
have i mentioned we've been a little sick around here?  
that's right.
i have a three year old with a full fledged case of the 
symptoms include:
mild fever
extreme sensitivity to sunlight and 
moderate sensitivity to jane-z.
oh i said that already.
on a happier note,
char got to play in her fort for about 7 1/2 minutes.
i'm looking forward to spring - that's for darn sure.

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  1. This is beautiful...I loved it last night and I love it today! I love you so much and miss you my sweet Car.