pillow talk

for some reason,
after coming off a weekend of stomach flu, gary and i are having difficulty falling asleep at night.
this has really never happened before.
the following took place over about 3 hours
we headed to bed around 9:30, after an episode of...
"Jackass" (it was research, ok).
we got comfortable, pulled out our books
and that's when our late nite comedy show began.
oh man, even as i write this i wonder if it's funny at all.
maybe it's just evidence that what we really needed was a good round of human-carwash.
gary: what is this (as he opens his book)?

me:(i look over) oh. i dog-eared your page. i'm a dog-earer...

gary: yeah, you must be, you dog-eared half the page.
gary: wow! the bacon was a bad idea!
i can't sleep! my hair is too long!
how do you sleep with long hair?

me: i'll make you an appointment tomorrow.
email me right now so i don't forget.

gary: that's ridiculous, i'll make my own appointment.

me: email me! right now!

me: you know, i'm pretty sure it was the guys from glee in my super-hero dream
(yes, i had a super-hero dream. it happened to be the same night gary was flu-ing).

gary: of course they were! good look'n, singing, dancing guys -
they are every cougar's dream.

(that's when i fell off the bed, laughing hysterically.)
me: i cannot believe you just said that.
i have to write that down. give me your pen! give me your pen!

(he pulls out his blackberry (finally) and begins typing and laughing.)

me: ok, read me what you got.

(he does.)

me: gary davey, that is not what you said. you cannot remember a quote to save your life.
(it's so true)

gary: (taking complete offense) unbelievable!
(he decides to stop talking to me and sends the email.)
me: did you also remember to remind me about the haircut?

gary: yeah (placing his blackberry on his night stand, proud of the whitty quip he included)
i said...
i said...
it was like....
i can't remember!

and that is when we both fell off the bed
and the kids woke up.
of course.


  1. hey, can you transcribe some other lovelies from the bedroom? this is kinda exciting...I feel I'm in bed with both of you simultaneously!


  2. I'm laughing my ass off you guys, you're the best and that photo to start is a perfect intro