crazy list:

- making pancakes with my kids. can you say three ikea pine chairs in the kitchen? i almost have no say. the term "clean as you go" has it's own laugh track in my world and the word "kibosh" keeps coming to mind.

- gary and i still can't manage to fall asleep before midnight. his words: "i've been off coffee for a week and i've never been more alert in my life."

- yesterday*

- this morning my beautiful 4 year old came into me and asked, "is there a healthy thing i could have for breakfast?" i replied, in a one-eye-open kind of way, "toast." six and a half minutes later i hopped out of bed with the smell of toasting bread, which is not far off from burning bread. once in the kitchen, i was totally relieved because char was totally in control. her toast was on a plate on the counter she was getting butter out of the fridge (using one of those ikea pine chairs again). she had used a serrated butter knife to off the the top of the bread bag (note to self: give little lesson on those bread clip thing-ies). i was about to turn around and head back to bed but then she said, "see mom, the toast was really hot so i used this" and she held up an oven mitt. man i love that girl!

- i keep forgetting to take photos where it matters*

** i'm not sure what is more crazy, yesterday charlee played basement barber shop and gave free hair cuts to her brother and sister and then she gave herself a cut just for the fun of it or the only photos i really have of the afternoon are these:

there might be a few more.
but not really.
sorry momma!

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