the magic of ordinary days

* from a year ago.  
i found it in my drafts.

jane won't be my horse!
she never wants to be my horse!

honey, i can't help you with this.
i'm not going to tell jane to be your horse.

she just wants to visit.
she always just wants to play visiting!

i'd like to say the conversation ended there but it didn't.
we spent some time after talking about our hearts when someone doesn't want to be our horse.
and then how to be ok when they decide they do.
we need grace people.

they are fine now.  i think bo is in there checking their hooves.

at the dinner table last night, bo confessed that he might have brought some garbage from the neighbours yard into his room.  he passionately explained his desire to repurpose the thrown away items into inventions and creations.

after dinner i walked into his room and found an entire bag of trash sitting on his desk.
as in someone had put their trash out at the curb and my son dragged it into his room.

palm to forehead.


  1. I am literally laughing out loud.

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