create in me...

ok.  i'll admit it, there are times 
when the "creating" starts, 
i do a little shudder and
 say "noooooooo, for the love, no" in my head.
 most of the times 
when i see the scissors and the glue and the crayola come out 
i am required to surrender something deep within my soul.
why do i focus on the mess on the table and on the floor 
(and sometimes on the walls and in the carpet),
rather than the incredible process that is taking place at my very own kitchen table?
can you relate?
my fallibility trips me up on a daily basis. 
i am so grateful for a gracious lord and his spirit, giving me direction,
and showing me the way i should think about things.  
 i stumbled across this quote in a recent real simple magazine,
"creating is a better means of self expression than possession; it is through creating, not possession, that life is revealed." 
- Vida Dutton Scudder 
here are a few pics
of our lives 
being revealed.


  1. I think the exact same thing. I love to craft with my girls, but it seems that a huge, overwhelming mess ensues. {sigh} Thanks for that reminder. I can't make memories with my girlies if I have a clean and tidy floor. ;) Miss you!

  2. I second the above comments. Thank you for this reminder. My girl is a HUGE creator... and I too often squash this out. Yuck. Must stop that. I actually just said 'oh mylanta those are the cutest cardboard people I've ever seen'. Out loud. Joel just asked if I was talking to him. :)