trampolines and birthing

recently, i made a "judgement call"
i'd never call it a "mistake" but it was one of the decisions that 
has brought with it, lasting repercussions
(like when i let the kids play with flour in the tub).
i let my children watch this
am i crazy?
they thought it was incredible and asked to watch it again (and again).
now they play
"labour and deliver"
on the trampoline 
in the front yard
for hours. 
i can only imagine what my neighbours are thinking
as my 4 year old son tells his sisters to 
"just take deep breaths and push,"
while he skillfully delivers baby dolls from under their t-shirts.
i usually feel an odd mix of mortification and extreme pride.
it's funny how the two can go together. 
at the end of the day, 
all the mortification has turned into comedy (my favorite) 
and only the pride and joy remain.
i think how they play is beautiful.
they play 
because they must believe 
it is really that great.
pushing out babies 'n all.
here is what i captured today:
a. please note bo's delivery victory robot dance.
b.  how about that look on jane's face.  
c. watch out water-births.
outdoor trampoline births are on the rise!


  1. Do you notice Jane and her post-delivery, baby directly to the breast. Thatta girl.

  2. Ok I've let Jude watch way more than one of those videos and now he is obsessed and can tell you in detail conception to birth! I'm proud too! That's beautiful that your kids play that together!

  3. just so you know, this post still has me smiling. (xo)