my 25 random things: revisited

do you remember this thing?  
it was a facebook chain letter post that went viral about three years ago.  
i posted this february 5, 2009.  
And to be honest, i think it's what encouraged to me start blogging.
i thought it would be fun to revisit and revise.
i was happy to see, not much as changed.
revisions are per [ ]
1. I do many things (like this and letting my kids walk around the house with food) that I never thought I would. I'm OK with it now.

2. I don't use conditioner...ever.

3. Two nights ago Bo, my son, pooped in the tub shortly after her finished playing in the toilet. He cracks me up!  [he still cracks me up on a regular basis].

4. This week I've nearly eaten an entire loaf of french bread with thick slabs of butter, jam and cheese. [it has been a while since i've indulged like that].

5. I don't usually exercise on purpose but I love to move and breath and feel my muscles. [i've since joined a gym, but i like to that info on the dl. for one, i don't really go and two, it messes with my natural hippy vibe]. 

6. I made myself a cuss jar today. 

7. I admire creativity. It makes me think of God. 

8. In life, I've never been much of a planner. I'm more like a "see door - walk through door" kind of person. The weird thing is, when I look back, my path appears so purposefully laid out. It's like "of course."  [i am getting better at preparing but i'm still not a planner].

9. I believe in things like community living and sharing.  [more than ever]. 

10. Charlee, my daughter, reminds me of a nymph or a dirty little woodland pixie. She's pretty skittish around humans but she comes alive in the trees and on the jungle gym. She prefers garden beds to the sidewalk any day. I like to think she got that from me.  [true. true. true].

11. Sometimes, when I'm a little down, I feel like smoking a cigarette with red lipstick on.... Don't you?

12. I would like to become a really fantastic gardener. Some day I will share some of my tomatoes and carrots with you. I would also like to learn to speak Spanish. 

13. I fantasize about having totally organized closets and cupboards. It bugs me. Why can't I just let it go and live a little.  [so lame, i can't even handle it].

14. I'm very proud of my family - all the love and forgiveness. My parents can live with me when they get old. 

15. I have learned some of my most important life lessons from children and special people who can't operate or communicate like the rest of us. They are like my Gurus.  [i love this].

16. I'll forgive you most things if you can make me laugh. It's the secret to my success. 

17. If you are ever using my washroom and you are wondering, the People magazines are in the middle drawer to the left and the hand towels are on the top shelf behind the door.  [i try not to buy people magazines anymore but there is an ikea catalog and a brennen manning devotional]. 

18. I really miss my brothers. I've been thinking it would be so fun to go camping - just the four of us. 

19. My kids faces take my breath away...and my heart skips.

20. My husband makes me feel beautiful all the time even when I feel saggy, prickly and veiny...

21. I like my coffee dark and strong with cream. [half&half now]. 

22. I like rainy days. I'm sorry. I hope we can still be friends. 

23 I'm constantly trying to think of ways to make emptying the dishwasher fun and exciting. Any ideas?  
[i'm constantly trying to think of ways to make my kids think emptying the dishwasher is fun and exiting]. 

24. Lucky #24... I don't feel a day over 24.

25. Deep in my soul I feel extremely grateful...for it all.


  1. LOVE this. love that you use half & half now. love that you have a woodland pixie for a daughter. and i'd love to have a smoke with you, red lipstick and all!

  2. still a hottie. not much has changed there either. (xo)