there's not a lot that compares 
with making something that your children fight over adore.
i may have picked up a little hobby
on the weekend,
while in fairhaven, at the incredible toy garden.
i was delighted to discover that needle felting is 
fun, easy (for me) and inexpensive.  
mr. blue bird was my first.  i made him from a kit.
the little bear was my own creation.
at present the two are careening down the hall in lego police mobiles.
it's a good feeling. 
the plan is to get pretty good at this, i think.  
the kids have put in their requests:
a whale,
a buffalo,
a turtle,
a zebra,
another bear,
and a little black hat for mr. blue bird.  

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  1. So cute. I have been wanting to try this as well.