creation unit

we have been studying the days of creation in our preschool class.
it's been great.
and all i can say is that i wish i had photos of what our co-op momma's 
pulled off in momma ashee's basement.  
there was a full walk-through, 
complete with,
 clouds hanging from the sky,
twinkly stars,
 big blue whales and ocean sounds,
and dinos on day six (smile).
we have been working on our creation notebooks and 
we've been doing hands-on activities to go along.
indoor water park (day 3 maybe?)
 the zoo (day 6)
today, day 5.a, we made little pine cone bird feeders (day 5).
i gave them little mushroom birds to play with
(mushroom birds from michaels = best $4 i've ever spent).
tomorrow will be
creation unit: day 5.b.
just wait.
this last photo is so lovely to me and encompasses just one of the reasons 
i love my first born.
she has always been a little, green, fairy-child in her heart of hearts.
she loves all nature and dirt and all of it's creatures.  
i found this collection in her little tree cave this morning.
seeing this side of her gives me a small
 sense of our gods heart for us... and this place we call earth.   


  1. Is that a peanut butter bird feeder? I loved those back in the day. And, oh, I love your first born too. Heck, I love all of them!