what they say

my children have incredible minds
and the stuff that comes out of their mouths 
equals my regular humour, bemusement and joy.

jane-z is so small 
 and yet her words are so many
and her personality so strong.
she is fiercely independent.
everything is 
which translates, "all by my self,"
and applies to everything:
opening her cheese string
opening the microwave
putting her socks on
putting her seatbelt on
putting on the lid to her milk cup
reading her favorite "tiny books."
you go girl! 
wipe away.
that's what night time baths are for!

bo continues to be ever so articulate and de-script.
he's fine to make up a word if there are none available that meet his needs.
for example:
these kinds of words often apply to what's for dinner 
or how the food feels in his mouth.

well, the girl just does something to my heart.
the other evening she offered up this prayer before our supper:

"dear jesus,
thank you for your grace and 
thank you that you are my shepherd 
and thank you for all our foods
i know that you are my God
oh. and when my heart is sad,
will you make it feel better.



  1. Beautiful. They make it all worth our while.

  2. So wonderful. You are doing an excellent job, mom. Keep up the great work! #1's prayer made me get a little teary...to have that child-like heart when we talk to God. {sigh} ☺

  3. they are little you's. in an incredibly awesome way. because everything they say is incredibly awesome. like their mama.