baby, it's cold outside

"our new sister" 
well, that's what they call her.
her official name is "frosty."
or "carl," i think.
the kids did most the work this year. 
(so crazy).
as they rolled her, patted her, and smoothed her 
they gave her so many sweet hugs and little love-whispers,
like they really believed she was their long lost sister.
i chuckled to myself the whole time.
you can see the affection in their faces.
we are loving the snow.
and the fireplace.
and the view from our windows
(i wish i knew how to photograph my house).
the kids and i have been home.
we have been dining on 
loaves of warm-from-the-machine bread, 
and buckets of greek honey yogurt.
and this is the track on repeat in my mind. 

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