this evening i let charlee stay up 
and watch Nacho Libre.
you can question whether or not it was a good mom move.
i'm still not sure myself.  
i tell char often that being the big sister means 
you get to love and serve your younger siblings,
which means you help more,
you give more,
you set the example.
it means you take your sister to the bathroom,
you clean up most of the toys by yourself
and you graciously give up the last fruit bar.
tonight i got to tell her that with responsibility
and good attitude 
and ring fights with mom in the living room directly following.  
such a great movie, btw.
i laughed almost as hard as i did when i first saw it, 
two nights before char was born.
this is her favorite line.
i have so many, i can't decide.
this is one.
as is the following.  

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  1. Heehee. We love this movie too. Charlee's line is used pretty much everyday at our house. We will have to watch it someday, together. ☺