the holidays: away

just a few highlights:

*being told within minutes of arriving that i had "hippy stank."
i'll take it.

*grandma jodi's sur-PEZ party.

*putting the final touches on our first, ever, homemade gifts
in my dad's shop.

*being woken up by my adult brother (with the fu manchu) at 6am to open gifts.
he must have know he was getting these.

*having our heart-sister, ka'leen, join us for family christmas.

*opening gifts - grandma jodi style.  

*watching my dad open his remote control shark blimp.
and then watching bodhi fly it.  

*getting to hold and fall in love with my adorable niece, le tijen√°. 
watching my kids jump on beds and laugh hysterically with their cousin, tibbyus.

*further conversation in regards to our family sci-fi novel.
procuring an editor. 

*winning the cup.

*rusten's beard.

*movie night ;)

*pedicures with my sister, lekina,
  saying "yes" to the "design."
and yes, that is a green christmas sparkle.  

*getting to see off 
my brother, roody and his lovely family
as they moved to NY 
(there were tears). 

*macy's with my momma.

*george the chiuaua.  

* margaritas.

can i just say,
i love my family.
and i am so proud to belong to that group up there.
they make me smile.


  1. Yaaaaay! I loves your family too. What a wonderful treasure trove of memories you must have made. {sigh} Sounds delightful!

  2. My kids are getting those remote control fish, too. Sherilyn