don't mind if i do

love this print.
might need it 
to hang on the wall 
of my heart.  
here are a few of my recents:

spent the weekend in my swim suit
at the great wolf lodge
so so so so so so 
much fun.
feel so so so blessed.
thanks mom & dad.
(photos to come).  

it is amazing how a small amount of time 
helps me feel so refreshed and happy to 
be back in the routine,
doing my momma duties.

grace for all my rough edges.
so much grace.

a friend stopped by to borrow my cup cake decorating kit.
in the 6.5 minutes she was in my entry way she told me 
a) i looked thin
b) my house smelled "amazing"
c) my hair had never looked better
or d) all of the above.
 the answer is d.
the answer is

my man.
he's such a man.
and he's mine.

jane peed her pants 2 times today.  
the first time was on a wooden chair and none dripped on to the floor,
and the second time was on her bed, on top of the pee protector.  
blessing?  or miracle?
i say both.  

memory foam.

had the best conversation with my kids today 
about when we do 
what we do, 
(whether it is obeying our mommy, 
doing our writing practice, or
doing laundry
from our heart, with thanksgiving,
we make jesus happy,
and we are usually

"give thanks whatever happens..."
i thessalonians 5:18a

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  1. nothin' like a little church midweek... (and maybe a few tears). love ya for it mama. my goodness. (xo)