i have a cold, 
thank goodness for gary's tried and true "cold-buster."
for those of you who are interested,
it's pretty much somewhat similar to a traditional cosmopolitan,
only more cranberry juice and
works like a charm.  
life is going by too fast.
i haven't been blogging enough.  
stuff is falling through the cracks.
this morning i saw that huge number 5 on the tag of char's pjs 
and had a moment of panic 
followed by the most overwhelming sense of love and gratitude.
i was wiping away the tears when i decided, 
that's it, no more night time cold and flu medicine for me.
the emo-fog did not clear until almost 10am.  
from now on, i'm sticking to my cold-busters.  
no, for reals!
what if i don't remember this stuff:

yesterday my 5 year old told me that
 she knows everything about trees and also, "secret ingredients (wink wink)."  
well, there, i've done my job.  
she knows about secret ingredients.  
everything else should just fall into place.  

this morning bo woke me up (at 6:14am) 
to tell me that char didn't want to play with him because he was a robot.
all i could do was yell from my night-time-cold-and-flu-coma
 "girls! you can find a way to play robots with your brother"
and they did.  
they played mommy, daddy and baby robots until 7:14am
when i dragged my bones out of bed to pour the milk into their honeycomb cereal.  

bodhi talks in his sleep almost every night.
it's my favorite thing and i will stop whatever 
i am doing to go listen.

the other day char asked me if she could have the
tin that i keep the odd tea's in.
it is pretty cool.  
it was my mom's when i was growing up.
 it's pale green and 
each side has a maiden representing each season.
i said "no."
to which she replied, "when you die, can i have it?"
to which i should have replied,
"sure, now can you go grab me the broom, i need to sweep my heart off the floor."

jane calls me "maw maw" and she does it in way
that puts chinese water torture to shame.
but when she is sad,
she says, "maw maw, i need you"
and i am defenceless.  
those are the magic words.

ok. i need to go put my cold-and-flu-butt to bed.
i will rest a little better,
knowing these goods are on the books.


  1. I so enjoy reading your blog - although my two boys are getting older and those "magical & child-like insights" don't happen as often - when i read your blog it reminds me of those moments - what a gift!

  2. Oh mylanta those are some sweet kids.
    I love your blog, too.
    I think I have a blog-crush. Or maybe a real girly-crush.
    Probs both.

    Love it. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. i'll trade you my broom for that lovely lady tin? hey? :)