i'm not sure what i expected...

from northview's kids christmas production.
i can tell you one thing, 
joy and laughter got into an awkward fist fight 
in my heart.
these photos kill me in the same kind of way.
i have a feeling the grammas and papas will 
eat 'em up too.
jane knows all the words to her songs 
and sings them at home, continually.  
my guess is that she has the same stage-condition and 
public speaking impairment as her momma... (sorry baby).
she does love to look at her pictures, point and say
"janie gwumpy."
bo was the real surprise for me.  
i think i expected he wouldn't actually make it on stage, 
considering he barely makes it into the class room on sunday mornings. 
he stood there in the front row and actually sang the words.  
i'm not sure what was up with the ear head bands though,
like he needed any help looking like a deer in the the headlights.
char did great.  
confession: i did a million of these christmas productions when i was little 
and loved every second of it. 
i'm not joking - i had my own custom mary garb.
(this was before the condition, mentioned above, developed). 
i have a feeling charlee will enjoy plenty of christmas productions to come.     
this time, she just happened to be right behind a really tall boy and  
i wasn't able to get many photos of her singing.  
oh well. i get to listen to her singing all day long,  
"happy birthday jesus
i'm so glad it's christmas
and the tinkles and bells 
and the presents are nice
but the real gift is you" 
(not actual words).    


  1. oh gosh, i love these photos. every last one of them. such sweetness... gwumpy and all.

  2. You need your own reality show, Carleigh. your kids would sell...Sherilyn