stuff i love tonight.

1. kittens.
2. coffee.
3. christmas.
4. alliterations.
5. when jane prays to jesus
and sings in the car
and makes me sit in front of her when she goes #2
but i'm not allowed to laugh.
6. when bo sleep talks and laughs hysterically. 
7. when charlee uses the 
word "stupid" totally appropriately, as in,
"it's really stupid to not do what the Lord wants us to."
amen, baby girl!
6. when gary called a ferry worker his 
"mo-bro" to his face.
7. gary's mo.
8. when i find a hair dresser who knows how to razor through
to the soul of my hair.
9. shepherds pie.
10. the sound of the rain.
and coffee.

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