just faces and a few things

i'm really behind here.
life has been full.
there has been some great stuff, a lot of good stuff 
and some gut wrenching stuff.
these little people (pictured below)
with their big energy,
their big messes,
and their big hearts
are my joy.  

last week (friday the 28th) bo turned 4.
happy belated blog birthday my little man. 
it just so happened, that on his birthday we visited the firehall with our preschool co-op.
it was great and i'll probably share a few photos in the next couple weeks days.
anyway, i'm pretty sure this conversation transpired as a result. 

bo: mom, some day i want to ride in a fire truck.
me: really!  do you think you might want to be fire fighter when you grow up?
bo: no, i don't want to be a fire fighter (no surprise here)
when i grow up, 
i want to be really nice man.
like dad.

(these photos of jane-z kill me
she really is this cool.)

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