dressing up

there is not a lot about halloween that i love. 
i'm not a massive fan of the decor.
call me crazy, but i just don't get the skeletons crawling out of my neighbours lawn 
or the bloody chainsaws that have been all the rage this year
(it's incredible to me what people spend money on).
i'm also not totally pumped about having copious amounts of candy in my house,
let alone going door to door, making threats for it.  
don't worry, i remember feeling differently about it when i was young
and i am sympathetic.  slightly.
here is the thing,
i have been really trying to teach my kids about 
making healthy choices,
or making wise choices.
i  want them to know that life is not about simply doing what makes you happy... 
or eating what tastes good.  
compulsive indulgences hurt us in the end. 
i'm not totally sure how what i've been trying to teach my kids
and the common practice of halloween go together. 
maybe i'm over thinking this.
 please know, i have no judgements if you are a committed trick or treater!
we've trick or treated
and liked it.
i do LOVE
 bon fires, good company, farmer sausage and hot coffee on a cold fall night.
i'm totally crazy about children running around together 
dressed like ninja's, monkeys, kitties and princesses.
(i think a really super creative costume is one of the coolest things ever!)
i will jump on an opportunity for my kids to practice giving with a cheerful heart.  
and i'm totally nuts about themes and creativity
and seasonal, white chocolate dipped orea cookie pops.
which is good thing because that pretty much sums up our halloween night this year!  
here is my little princess, complete with mascara and my snow white costume from when i was about 3 years older than char (sewn by my mom, of course).  


  1. oh goodness, I am right there with ya.
    you just put into words what has been stirring around in my heart and head for some time.

    thank you.

    and oh, be still my heart - that girl is a doll.

  2. Oh the good memories of that costume! I can't believe that she can wear it! ☺ We haven't participated in Halloween the last few years and I haven't missed or regretted that decision. It truly felt so empty and I questioned why we were doing it. This year, we hung out at home, watched The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and made caramel apples. It was seriously one of the best nights I can remember. ☺

  3. she was the belle of the ball! love you charlee!