home births & attachment parenting

we are fans of both in this house.
and although we had all three of our children in hospitals,
we had a hard-core home birth with our recent litter of kitties.  
with the first batch of kittens, skip (our cat) hid away in her birthing box in my closet.  
it was dark and lacked energy and soul, i guess.
'cause this round, skip wanted to give birth 
in the sacred place she feels most at home and connected to the one she loves.
yeah that's right, charlee's bed.
the story (and it is a story) happened just after 11pm
on 11-11-11.
once upon 11-11-11
gary, kathleen and i were downstairs watching, yet another disappointing comedy.
we turned it off after feeling completely violated in the first 14 seconds.  
(the comedy will be unnamed).
we were sitting there shaking our heads when we heard the first little squeaks.
gary jumped up and half shouted, half whispered,
"it's happening!"
he's like the cat doula around here.
we were all up the stairs before i think i really knew what was happening.
i probably clued in as
we all peered in to the birthing bin.
 to our horror and confusion there was no skip.  no kittens.  
we flew into the kids room.
and before we could assess the situation, plan and then act,
 gary lifted skip off the top bunk just as a small wet sack exited her rear side.  
and although there was some wayward spray with the motion that 
has left me ready to rip up the carpet and burn it,
i am happy to say i caught the sack'o kitten with the birthing bin in mid air.
it was totally a "this is not happening" moment.  
as was the moment when we realized there was a first kitten born and cleaned and squeaking in char's bed with a peacefully sleeping char.
that's how we came to have 4 adorable kittens.
one was born in char's bed, one was born in the air and 
two were born in the birthing rubbermaid on the kids bedroom floor.
note: they have just opened their sweet little eyes
and they will be ready in time for christmas!
as for their care,
jane makes sure each kitten gets ample 
skin on skin bonding time.
and i can say in good confidence,
they will be super attached and thriving 
in time to go to their new homes.
(comment if you are interested)


  1. just wanna say... my heart melted a little upon seein' those pics. such sweetness.

  2. and i laughed out loud! what a great story...one was born in the air...heh. love you, lady

  3. We are looking for our first kitten to give our girls for Christmas...please email me @ jjadrian@telus.net if you have some available still (but dont put kitten in the subject title!) I'm Nat's friend, Jodi. Thank-you!

  4. you are a stud. and that man of yours too...does he coach human births? if not, he should look into doula certification. i'd be all over that one.