an edumacation

i wanted to share few photos from a few of
our home-school adventures.
as mentioned in previous post we visited the firehall on bodhi's birthday
and leaned everything there is to know about safety.
and we got to play on a fire engine.  
thanks so much,
firefighter shane and mrs. firefighter danielle!
you helped make bodhi's birthday super memorable - 
or  "sooo cool" as my kids kept saying to each other the whole way home!   
this september we got a new student and a new friend.  
zane (or zane-z pie as jane calls him) 
comes to our house several times a week
to do his school work with us.  
it has been a blessing in every way.  
not only is the job helping me to bring in a few bucks to contribute to family load, 
i feel like there is a key piece to our family again...
gary and i are both passionate about teaching our kids what community looks like.  
to us, community looks like connecting with people and sharing life with people, 
 seeing our differences (all kinds) as an opportunity to learn more about our Jesus.  
does that make sense?
since zane has come into our life, 
i have had some of the most brilliant conversations 
with my kids about how to deal with feelings and insecurities
 and choose love and kindness over fear.  
one of the neat things about homeschool is that if the kids are having a hard
time getting something we just stop and work on it until they get it.  
we took a break from our math book to work on counting to 100.
you name it.
we counted it.


  1. i love our Jesus in you and yours.

  2. I dont mean to blog stalk :0 but you have SUCH an amazing soul! and this is from what I have seen through your words :) your children are so blessed to have you as their mama!!!!!