uma and pa

saturday we rode the ferry boat to victoria to visit with our uma and "pa" davey. 
it was wonderful, as always, to see them and the kids loaded up on hugs 
and little bags of "papa rocks."  we sure love you guys.  
highlights from the day that i will treasure in my heart:
*watching all three of our big kids carry their backpacks on and off the ferry -
no diapers, no bottles and only one big tantrum.
*feeling kind of mum-bum-ish on the ferry boat -  
there were a lot of really cute college babies on the 10 am  
and for the record: gladiator sandals, converse, moccasins, size 2 and australian accents are in!  
*gary and his dad, crab tracking in the georgia straight.
*watching our daughter be one with the earth and the sea and everyone's dogs.
also having to say one million times
"don't climb on that!" or "don't hang on that!" or "don't swing on that!" 
*wishing i had a super power where i could melt into the floor 
when my beautiful son looked at a sweet little girl and
with his new and improved, grumpy dinosaur face,
half snarled - half growled (loudly)
"i'm not your brother!"
we were shuffling off the ferry boat when this happened and it was just not possible for me to address his behaviour / attitude / snaggletooth.
*tucking everyone in their beds, climbing into mine, closing my eyes 
and then laughing at the "i'm not your brother" incident for half an hour.

life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
                                         -helen keller  

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