the post of the week

i believe in kindness. also in mischief. 

also in singing, 

especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.

- mary oliver

ok, i love this one.
(thanks to this lovely lady who posted this quote as her recent facebook status).
let me explain.
first, i believe in kindness, 
very much so!
i want the team kindness t-shirt!  kindness all the way, yo!
next, i am, by nature, mischievous.
i get it from my dad.  it's a twinkle in the eye sort of thing.  
and finally, i sing.
please note: i am not talking about performing/ take-myself-self-serious singing.
i do not have the stomach for it, let alone the ability.
i nearly had a puke/faint combo at my sister-in-law's bridal shower when, for a game, i had to sing some 80's tune into a microphone.  i cannot even remember what song it was.  
can you say repression!
in this house we why-come-unglued-when-you-can-just-sing.  
i'm talking about crazy people singing (like this).
i sing threats
it's like marry poppins in the looney bin.
i sing my way through the regular chaos of my life,
to the tunes from the little mermaid.

for example:
"look at this place, 
isn't it gross.
wouldn't you say my house stinks like butt
wouldn't you say i'm the girl
the girl that has everything (on my floor)!
i've got kids with rashes a-plenty
laundry and dishes galore
you want to clean my bathroom.
go ahead!
   but who cares
no big deal
it's just peeeeeeeeee!

you should try it sometimes. it's really fun.

apparently this whole singing thing runs in the family too 
because my children do it.  
bo, especially.
it's kind of weird and magical watching a little boy play trains- 
the musical.  
(reason #1,297 we plan on homeschooling for the first little bit)
the other day bo and i had this rich musical exchange.  
i just had to share:

me: bo, please go do teamwork with your sisters and clean up your tracks.  

bo: (to the tune of "teamwork" from the wonderpets)
i'm not gonna do it.
i'm not gonna clean up
i will not obey
no, i won't

me: (to my own tune)
well, then you will 
get  in trouble
very big trouble.  

bo: (still singing)
ok, i will clean up but i am
very very angry.

me: (half singing half laughing)
not gonna work
you'll still get in trouble.
really big trouble.

bo: what's gonna work
(as he enthusiastically beging to clean up his track).

the end.


  1. I loooooove this! (I sang that, in case you didn't notice.)

  2. This post is hilarious on so many levels!!! I read it this morning and have had the little mermaid song in my head... thanks. :) Girls supper soon?

  3. Love it Carleigh!!! Ben and I also loney bin sing my way through much of our life. But we have yet to have an exchange with our children like that. I am very much looking forward to teamwork singing though! Thanks for sharing!