on my mind

our homeschool co-op
"my class"
has officially begun.
there are 10 kids between
and me.
10 is a lot of kids, especially when the oldest is just 5 years old.
we have a lot of brainstorming and strategizing to do on how we are going to love, instruct and teach 
10 chilren.
we are really excited though.  
some of the units we will be covering include safety, healthy living, seasons and we are considering doing one on dino's.  
cause we are love'n dino's these days.
anyway, new topic...
i always thought that once my children started to get older,
i would have more time: 
time to do my chores,
time to read,
time to be creative.
it doesn't seem to be panning out that way.  
for one, naps are starting to fade out.  
and two i have relationships with these little people that require nurturing.
char sometimes get's weepy for no reason.  she tells me she misses me and that she needs cuddles. in which case, does it matter how much laundry needs to be done?
i draw her near and keep her close.  maybe she folds laundry with me and works with me in the kitchen.
jane needs me a lot.  she needs me to help keep her from her own folly.
she spends a lot of time on the counter where it's more difficult to cause strife.
and bo,
bo wants nothing more than a "partner" to play trains with.  
he asks me about one million times a day.  
i think it's cause i do an awesome "topham hat" voice.
and because we talk about everything while we are playing.
it's our connecting time.  after i play trains with him i know i have his heart.
he knows i love him and he loves me.
i'm starting to realize that these times are more important than keeping undies in his drawer or wiping his pee off the toilet seat or washing windows or weeding my garden.
they are important because they are how i am developing a relationship with him.
and some day, 
heaven forbid, he has a thing for the wrong girl or 
he has a bad attitude or he's putting off his chores, i'll say.
"let's go play trains legos hockey in the front yard and talk about it."  
so. there.  that is what's on my mind.
and that's why my house looks like cack.  
                   "diesel"                                        "salty"                                        "thomas"


  1. bless you friend.
    i may have teared up a little. (xo)

  2. Love it Carleigh! We play a lot of trains here too...

  3. a) those backpacks are pretty darn awesome
    b) I gotta work on my topham hat voice :)

  4. You continue to astound me, you are better than I ever was, at least as good as your mom, and that makes me profoundly happy and satisfied. To see your children exceed your performance and expectations is a blessing. To see your children have more patience, love, a greater ability to play and work is wonderful. Keep it up. DAD