last week we went to osoyoos, which is eastern bc.
it was part gary's work and part a good excuse to make out with summer one last time.
it. was. awesome.
we swam in the pool
we swam in the lake
we rode bikes
we got ice cream 
and then we swam in the pool some more.
a highlight for me was quick trip to the Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Center.
there were snakes and teepees!
we had so much fun that i forgot to take photos. 
these are the only ones that made it home on my camera
and i didn't even take them.
so now that we are home and it is september and leaves are falling on my driveway, 
it's time to get back to real life. right?
we are starting home school, learning center, art class, piano lessons,
dentist appointments 
and shots.
(big gulp)
today was shots (as in 11 needles) day.
which meant it was also gum-suckers-shows-and-new-pumpkins day.
it was also
gary's first day of class.
i picked out his outfit.  well, not really.  i just questioned whether he should wear his 
slinky-ish golf shirt,
as we are talking "college" here, 
and not a product knowledge luncheon.
he was grateful for my help when he came home. ;)
i love it when he wears his purple t-shirt.   i wouldn't be surprised if the baby girls ask for his notes.  
i should really try and avoid these late night blog sessions.  
i say and do silly things.
- like this photo.
- it's my game shot day face. 


  1. You make me smile and wish a little bit that I also had late night blog sessions. ;) You are such a beautiful lady inside and out. Love you, sweet friend!

  2. girl...i'm just wondering you the hey took those photos of char and bo! LOVE IT! LOVE YOU! LOVE those kiddos!

  3. thank you sari! XO

    and ash, they took them of each other. the one's of bo are from right across from the toilet.